Let us turn your eagerness to preserve the story of Two Rivers into a yearly reality.

When thinking about how you can create a mindful legacy, please consider a gift to Two Rivers Historical Society. Listed below are some ways you can make that happen:

Memorial Gifts and Bequests

Individuals may leave a bequest to the Two Rivers Historical Society. A bequest is a gift made through a donor’s will and is completely free from federal estate tax. We hope you will consider Two Rivers Historical Society in your estate planning. Memorial gifts and bequests are an important way you can make a lasting contribution to the preservation and maintenance of The Washington House Museum, Farm Museum, and the Bentley art collection. If you wish to make a provision in your will, the following general form is suggested: “I give the Two Rivers Historical Society, a Wisconsin not-for-profit organization, located at 1622 Washington Street in Two Rivers, Wisconsin the sum of $______ or ____percent of the residue of my estate (or specifically described property) for general purposes.”

If you have already named the Two Rivers Historical Society in your plans, we would like to acknowledge your meaningful gift. Please contact us by filling out the form below.


If you are passionate about the mission of the Two Rivers Historical Society and care about its sustainability, you can make a gift that will support the Two Rivers Historical Society and its mission in perpetuity by contributing to the endowment fund. A percentage of the interest earned each year supports The Washington House Museum, Farm Museum, and the Lester W. Bentley Collection, keeping the principle intact. Contributing to the endowment fund is an act of great vision. You will leave a legacy and ensure that the Two Rivers Historical Society serves the community for future generations. To contribute to the endowment fund, please contact Mike Lenth at 920-657-1284 or complete the form below and we will contact you.

Donating Stocks and Bonds

Individuals may avoid paying capital gains taxes by donating stocks and bonds to the Two Rivers Historical Society. Donors are entitled to a charitable income tax reduction equal to the full market value of the stock. Check with your financial advisor.

Life Income Agreement

A life income agreement allows you to make a substantial capital gift to the Two Rivers Historical Society while retaining your income for your lifetime and/or that of additional beneficiaries. Life income agreements include Pooled Life Income Funds, Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts.

The legal name to include in your plan is: Two Rivers Historical Society, Tax ID 39-6102653

For more information regarding any of the opportunities outlined above, please complete the form below or call Mike Lenth at 920-657-1284.